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Why Building a Home in Taos is a Life Changer

Before anyone commits to building a new home in Taos, it’s important that they familiarize themselves with what it’s like to live here. Its ski slopes are beautiful, sure, but there’s so much more that will grab a hold of any new resident and shape their life here. From the countless outdoor activities to the cultural mainstays, Taos proves time and time again that it’s full of possibilities. In this article, we explore all of the elements of Taos that make it such a special place, and why anyone building a home here should prepare to be swept up in its wondrousness.

The Landscape: In some way or another, anyone who decides to build a home in Taos is coming for the natural landscape. Its convergence of desert, mountain, and water makes it unlike any other locale in the United States. Where else could you ski down a world-class slope and go fly-fishing within a single hour? And while outdoor enthusiasts feel right at home here, so do artists who seek inspiration in the natural world and families who want to unplug from the hustle and bustle of modern living. The many micro-climates present so many possibliities for physical adventure or flights of fancy. With each change of season, Taos’s natural beauty always strikes awe in visitors and residents alike.

The People: The landscape here is only part of what makes Taos such a unique place. Much like its combination of climates, Taos’s culture is marked by a unique blend of heritages and histories. Its thriving indigenous community, of course, is one of its most distinctive features, but it’s Spanish and Anglican roots have also helped shape it into what it is today. This confluence of customs and traditions is today reflected in a town that eschews the cultural schisms we’re so used to in favor of an abiding sense of shared purpose and history: events like San Geronimo Day and Christmas Eve bring people from all over the city together, no matter their color or creed.

The Culture: Unlike comparable ski towns such as Breckenridge or Aspen, Taos is not a place where you can engage in your favorite outdoor activity and forgo a meaningful relationship with the surrounding community. You can’t just purchase a condo and go through a daily routine that’s totally removed from the people around you. Though parts of it are spread out, Taos is a tight-knit, spirited place that inevitably draws all of its residents, full-time and part-time alike, into its communal orbit. Whether you live downtown or closer to the mountain, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in a place where people know and look out for one another.

The Lifestyle: Seeing as the people of Taos are dedicated to an intentional way of life, the county itself doesn’t have many of the modern amenities and conveniences that a city dweller might take for granted. You can’t spontaneously decide to order delivery on a weeknight or board a direct flight to a major city. And sure, there’s a Walgreens, but almost anyone who’s been here for longer than a month knows that it’s more or less an afterthought – you’d be better off purchasing from one of the many local vendors or artisans who put so much time and thought into their craft. The local, family-owned restaurants similarly breathe a sense of originality into the county and make fast food restaurants almost obsolete.

If you’re planning to build a custom home in Taos, know that you’ll be investing in a place that will change your life in ways you may not foresee: you might re-discover your connection with nature, you might become more self-sufficient, or you might re-discover a sense of community that you haven’t felt in years. The pulse of Taos will surprise you, no matter where you come from.