Taos Mountain Adobe Homes 

Where to Build a Home That Connects Your Family to Each Other and the Land

When deciding where to build a custom home in Taos, you’ll have so many factors to consider: the outdoor activities you’re most interested in, your proximity to downtown, and of course, where you can find available land. Though Taos is small in population, it contains an abundance of neighborhoods and ecosystems, each with their own distinct appeal and character. Below, we cover just a few of Taos County’s most intriguing areas, and what makes each of them such an exciting backdrop for your new custom home:

Arroyo Seco: Seeing as it’s equidistant from downtown Taos and the ski valley, this 200-year-old community of artists is the perfect compromise for anyone looking to balance a passion for the outdoors and a love for Taos’s local culture. Its rich heritage and history make it a perfect enclave for anyone who’s looking to surround themselves with creative-minded people.

Town of Taos: The most densely populated part of Taos county, the town of Taos is indisputably the area’s cultural cornerstone. For anyone looking to enjoy the area’s natural bounty without having to sacrifice the most modern conveniences, this is probably the best bet for you. Museums, restaurants, galleries and shops make the town of Taos a wonderful place to build a custom home.

Des Montes: This relatively upscale neighborhood of small ranches and large houses could appeal to those looking to use their custom home for seasonal residence in Taos – or more specifically, so that they can stay comfortably during ski season.

Valdez: Nestled against the beautiful Rio Hondo, this small community is right on the edge of Taos County’s Forest Preserve and the Ski Valley itself. It’s a perfect place for anyone looking to build a custom home that’s close to the most desirable ski destinations.

Taos Mesa: This off-the-grid, eclectic community of sustainable homes in the high desert is dotted by structures that were constructed with a wide range of alternative materials, from used tires to pallets. It’s a small, insular community that places heavy emphasis on self-sufficiency.

Blueberry Hill: Tucked away in the high desert just west of the town of Taos, Blueberry Hill offers a selection of pristine properties that are on the market, along with a few spectacular homes perched to overlook the rolling desert hills. Adventure seekers who are looking for a solitary life that’s still close to downtown Taos could find themselves right at home here.

Cañon: Just south of the town of Taos, Cañon is another perfect locale for anyone hoping to live close to nature while still being within arm’s reach of the county seat. Inns, restaurants, and cafes make this a cozy getaway for those who are seeking relief from a hectic metropolitan lifestyle.

Arroyo Hondo: A small town of about 500 people that’s 11 miles Northwest of the town of Taos, Arroyo Hondo has the basic amenities one might expect from a relatively secluded village. Its close proximity to the Rio Grande and various hot springs also make it a perfect place for anyone who’s looking to build a custom home in Taos so they can spend time in and near water.

These are just a few of the areas in Taos County where building a custom home could change your life in meaningful ways. Other places worth considering include Stagecoach Hills, Las Colonias, and El Prado. If you decide that laying down roots here is a journey you’d like to embark on, we at Edelman Enterprises would be happy to facilitate every step of the process, from finding the perfect plot of land to designing a home that meets your every need.

Every neighborhood has a distinct flavor that takes experience to understand. The best way to figure out which one is the best fit for you is to sit down with us and have a conversation.

Give us a call, we’d love to help.