Taos Mountain Adobe Homes 



Edelman Enterprises, Inc. is a business that has grown from vast family experience building in Taos, NM. Born to parents who first met while building an adobe brick home in Taos, Max Edelman’s life has been singularly shaped by the evolution of local architecture. Max learned about building techniques and the beauty of holistic design from a young age while his parents collaboratively designed and constructed houses throughout Northern New Mexico. Max worked for his father during summers when he was going to college and then started his own building business after graduating.

Since independently constructing his first traditional adobe home at the age of 24, Max has since branched out into a wide range of designs and materials that reflect the area’s rich cultural and ecological diversity.

As time has gone on, Max’s lifelong commitment to Taos has only deepened.  Whenever he designs a home, Max uses the land as his central impetus: from the paths that light takes through a house to the landscape portraits created by windows, Max believes that every element of a home’s design should integrate and uplift the natural world.